Trade for Jordan Howard for flex spot

Let me know what you think of this offer:
10 tm standard scoring league

Receive Jordan Howard

Trade CJ Anderson and Michael Crabtree

I have Tom Brady
I have Lev Bell, Fournette, Kamara, and Cohen
I have michael thomas, emmanuel sanders, mohamed sanu, pierre garcon
I know this leaves me a little thin at wr but i am 6-2 and looking to add another stud rb before the playoffs so i have 3 guys to carry me through and then I can put a flyer receiver in that wr2 spot when i need to have a boom or bust week.

Im a big believer that RB’s win championships, but you already have 2 studs, and Kamara is a top 20 back from here out. Crabtree and Thomas is a nice combo at receiver. I have Howard, Kamara, and Crabtree personally. Im thinking about trading Kamara for Funchess, got the offer before, but im really thin at receiver. Robby Anderson is my #2, and Doctson is my 3. Not the best depth.

I think your team looks good as is. Howard also has tough matchups in weeks 14 & 16. Kamara has a golden playoff schedule. Been trying to trade Howard from my team, no luck yet. Still a great player to have, but I don’t think you need him.

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would you change jordan howard to aj green? he was on the table as well.

Yes. AJ green is one of the top 5 WRs and with the two stud RBs you have, Kamara as a top 20 ROS, and Green and Thomas is a great 1-2 lunch at wideout