Trade FOR Josh Gordon?

With Gordon looking likely to be traded, would it be smart to try to buy low on him now in hopes he ends up in an even better system? The talent is obviously there and assuming that the issue this time is not substance abuse related, should we try to take advantage of the low value?

I’m in a standard league and considered sending an offer of Demariyus and Marshawn for Gordon and Shady. I am very hesitant about it though I’m not sure if that’s me just valuing my players too much. Marshawn is currently a bench player for me and Demariyus is my flex, so if I made that move I could just stash Gordon for now and start Shady in the flex. Standard league by the way.

Any and all thoughts appreciated!

I don’t like DT & Lynch for Gordon & Shady. And I’d only get Gordon if you have to give basically nothing for him. That would be very risky. No way I’d give up DT for him

Yeah, I was definitely hesitant. It would be a risky move for sure. Just so many question marks around the Gordon situation right now

If you’re going to stash a player, I’d target Dez over Gordon. I definitely wouldn’t trade for either of them, though.

Not a chance in hell someone accepts that trade but man if you pull it off good on you. Thomas and Lynch are solid but not sexy options while you are trading for home run hitters that have way more upside. You might have to do a 2 for 1 in order to get that trade done.