Trade for Josh Jacobs or Derrek Henry

12 team 1 PPR

The Hill owner is very weak at WR (Robinson, Sanders, Sanu) but has Jacobs and Henry.

I’m set at WR (A.B., Westbrook, Lockett, John Brown, Green, Marquis Brown) so I’m offering him Marquis Brown and Hyde for one of his RBs.

Which should I go for? (and should I change my offer).


That might be a to low an offer. Hyde doesn’t have a ton of value in ppr and brown is still an unknown. Probably not a good time to trade for Henry or Jacob both coming of good weeks.

I figure Hyde will only get better as he tenures longer with Houston. I know Brown is still pretty unkown but he had a monster game only playing 14 snaps, and has a good schedule (atleast till Hill is back. I can also offer R. Jones.

Figure this guy really njeeds a WR now tho (didn’t do any waiver adds, so maybe not the brightest either)