Trade for Julio or Davante?

Looking for advice. Looking to prey off on e of the 0-2ers in the league who are panicking and willing to deal Julio or Adams.

They’re thin at RB and I’m not super deep, but I feel I can upgrade a WR here by tossing him a WR and RB.

He asked for Freeman and Lockett for Julio. Is that too much? I have AB on the other side at WR1, McCaffrey at RB1, then it gets thin. Freeman, Peterson, Singletary, and Miles Anderson.

WRs I have John Brown, Kirk, Robby Anderson (who I’ll be dropping to add D.Robinson) and stashed Golden Tate.

Full 1 point PPR.

Advice appreciated

Bumping hoping for some help

I would definitely do Freeman and Lockett for Julio

I’d then go and try to trade some of your wr depth for rb depth.