Trade for Julio or Funchess?

I’m looking towards the playoffs and am talking trades with a league member. The current option is AJ Green and Robby Anderson for Demarco Murray and Funchess. Another option is to switch out Funchess for Julio, but Funchess has the better schedule in the playoffs. Thoughts?

It’s .5 ppr by the way

Julio is miles ahead of funchess in my opinion. Which side of this deal are you?

I have AJ and Anderson. Julio is certainly the better receiver, but his playoff matchups include the Saints and that offense in general has many other options they can lean on going forward.

If you need the rb I think Murray will help out there. Julio still gets plenty of targets so having other weapons won’t hurt him. Olsen is coming back soon for Carolina so that will eat into Funchess targets. I say receiving Demarco and Julio is solid move for green and Anderson

I would try to get julio because i think his red zone trgets will continue to rise and still have faith… not sure about your rb situation but if youre desperate demarco is ok. Dont expect him to have and more games like last weeks tho because that was a fluke

I’m not super desperate at RB, but I did just lose Zeke. I’m mostly interested in him for the playoff schedule he has. I am starting to lean more towards Julio now if he agrees to it

New proposition now. If I switch out Funchess for Julio, then he would like me to switch out Anderson for Kenyan Drake. Thoughts?

In my opinion it’s julio in the trade or no trade at all. You would be taking a major step down from aj green to Devin funchess

I think that’s good. You upgrade rb and don’t lose much (in fact maybe upgrade) at wr too. Just my two cents