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Trade for Julio thoughts


Someone has agreed to trade me Julio for TY, J Reed, and D Henry. Should I do it? Or is it giving up too much? 10 team 1PPR.
Whole Team:

Watson, Cousins

Fitz, Thielen, TY, Pryor

Zeke, Ajayi, D Martin, Henry, A Collins

J Graham, J Reed (Will pick up G Olsen off waiver if I make this trade)


Pull the trigger!


Thanks for response, I’m definitely leaning towards it! I think Julio will be much better second half of the season and with the uncertainty of Luck now, TY’s value is a scary play each week


I got him to include Demarco in the deal. Can’t believe it.


TY Hilton not Ty Mont


ah i just reread that and tried to delete my post heh.


Ha no worries. I just cant believe I got this trade