Trade for Kamara

I need a rb 2 and a rb for this week since McCoy is on a bye, should I trade Stefon diggs and cameron brate for Alvin Kamara and Terrelle Pryor
After the trade my RBs would be McCoy, Kamara Ellington and Alex Collins
My WRs after there trade would be Jordy, DeAndre Hopkins, Pryor, and Sanders
My Tight end would just be Kyle Rudolph since I have both him and brate rn.
What do you guys think?!

do you need a win this week like whats your standings i would want more value on that trade brate looks like a beast and im scared of pryor lol

im 3-2 right now

and I’m 4th in the league but I would prefer to get a year long player at rb2 that I can trust rather than play the odds with collins or Ellington

I hear ya just diggs and brate could be the difference till you can get someone better is all I’m thinking