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Trade FOR Kareem Hunt?


This is my team
10 man full point PPR
In order by selection- snake

Another team has told me they want a receiver for hunt. who should I give up and why?

Demarco Murray
2)AJ Green
T Y Hilton
Ty Montgomery
Stefan Diggs
Alshon Jeffry
Cam Newton
Tyler Eifert
Mike Gillislee
Eric Decker
Thomas Rawls
Cardinals DEF
Adam Thielen
Andrew Luck
Chris Hogan
Graham Gano

Thanks for your POVs!!!


If he is wanting any wide receiver…I’d say Adam Thielen. What’s the point of having the second WR from Minn if you already have a solid receiving corp.


I am assuming he isn’t going to say ANY wide receiver.
This was my first year drafting and clearly I didn’t pay attention to bye weeks or team repetition.


What’s your league format? QB, 3 WR, 2 RB…how is it set up? It’d be easier to give a little better advice knowing what spots need to be filled.


Sorry I easily forget all of the technicalities.

roster sets need to be

1 QB
2 WR
2 RB
1 TE
1 wr/rb/te
1 k
1 def


QB Cam Newton
WR AJ Green
WR Alshon Jeffery
RB Ty Montgomery
RB Kareem Hunt
TE Tyler Eifert
FLEX (So many options here)
D Cardinals
K Gano

I think your’e safe on trading TY for Hunt…simply because I think Tolzien likes Moncrief a little more since Luck might be out a couple weeks. You do need some help at RB but I would also see if you could trade TY for a better RB than Hunt…however, this is my opinion. Good luck!


You most definitely need the help at RB so I would probably trade any WR except Green for him. TY is a little bit much but you have solid depth behind TY for your second WR spot so you can take the hit. Obviously I would start lower than TY but I think he is where you stop. Why not try Thielen and Hogan for him? Both solid WR with decent upside. Maybe he will enjoy the 2 for 1.

I would try and work a 2 for 1 with any WR/RB combo from Gilislee down on your list. Once you get above Gilsless then I change it to 1 for 1 possibly doing 2 for 1 with Jeffry but that would not be preferred. It being a 10 team league, even though your benches seem pretty deep, you probably have decent players on waivers so you can go 2 for 1 and take Hunt and grab a flyer WR like Kevin White or something.


I appreciate the thoughts, just to clarify, are you saying put hunt in place of demarco murray? or murray in my flex?
or don’t use murray at all?
Also, Would you rate stefan diggs higher than Alshon?


and the same as above,

I like the 2 for 1 possibility. I’m just emotional with TY as I am a Colts fanboy haha.


Haven’t read anything above, but if you can swing it Alshon would be a sweet trade. Get rid of the injury prone guy, for a feature back. I dig it.


I think Triggs missed that you have Demarco on your team. You absolutely want Demarco in your lineup. He has top 5 potential. Do not include him in any deal for Hunt.


I would offer Thielen/Hogan and Rawls personally