Trade for Keenan Allen or Keenan and C. Thompson

I am trying to make a trade with another owner, and want to get everyones thoughts. My current team below:

Qb: Rivers
Rb: Mixon, howard, Collins, Mccoy, Morris
Wr: A Brown, Hilton, Davis, Edelman, J. Brown, Ridley
Te: Njoku

The other owner has both AP and Chris Thompson tied for his third back, and Julio and Keenan Allen with decent depth at wr.
Would you rather trade Hilton and J Brown for Keenan Allen, or trade Hilton and C. Davis for Keenan Allen and Chris Thompson?

I feel like your team is more in need of one more RB who doesn’t compete too much for carries in a RBBC like Chris Thompson has to do with AP. Thompson may rarely even see more than a couple carries as long as AP is around, which limits his TD opps significantly. I haven’t watched much of the Redskins games but I assume AP gets the goal line looks exclusively.