Trade for Kelce or keep current roster?

Need some advice on whether or not I should stick with my current team ROS or try to get Kelce before trade deadline tomorrow.

WRs - MThomas, Kupp, Boyd, Ridley, JBrown
TE - Burton

What I’m thinking of offering is Boyd and Burton. Is this a fair trade ? Any other options you all think would work?


I could only see that working if the Kelce owner is absolutely desperate for a WR. If not, I think you’d have to offer more

Don’t think the Kelce owner will take that. Kelce consistently produces while Burton has had some solid production but not a ton of targets. Also, Boyd will be back to being #2 once AJ is back.
It really depends on what he’s needy at though.

their WRs are Funchess, Tate, Amendola, Snead

They are definitely weak at WR

I’d definitely try to offer it, and maybe try kupp instead of Boyd if it doesn’t work. It’s definitely worth a try though

Yeah, if you can snag Kelce definitely do it. And I would consider offering Kupp and Burton for Kelce if necessary, but I like the Boyd and Burton trade better.

Ya trade deadline is tomorrow so I told them we need to submit the trade by eod tomorrow and Kelce would play for their team this week. They are playing me this week so they don’t want to let go of Kelce and face him lol

Yea do that, you don’t need much depth to have a cheat code in the game. Full ppr kelce and ertz average 17.9 PPg. That’s 19th at the flex, right above emmanual sanders, Ezekiel Elliot, Robert woods. Maybe you’ve heard of them. It would be 10th at WR. just behind, obj, aj green, mike Evans. Would be no 9 at RB just behind white Kareem hunt, James white, CMC (before last night) and again ABOVE zeke. I could stop. Or tell you it’s also mid tier Qb level. Think about how AMAZING Qb scoring has been this year. And 17.9 ppg is tied with qb15 RUSSELL WILSON. That’s in front of, Andy dalton(17.4), Blake Bortles(16.4), and Matt Stafford(15.9).

Is it sustainable?
Michael Thomas is 82% of saints wr passing game @9.9 targetsPG
deandre Hopkins is getting 10 targets per game
Zach Ertz is getting 10.5 Tgp

While kelce is a little behind, he’s still getting 8.8 tpg. Ahead of kamara and tate, just behind Saquon and James white.

Both in great offenses. So look at it as your buying a top 10 wr or RB who is integral to their offenses and scores the same as an upper tier Qb 2 on a weekly basis at a position that is horrible without a stud. If I wasn’t being lazy I would look into what the average score of tight ends are without “the big 3” or in this case the big 2. All those guys were justified in the second round. Pick up a Wr or Rb off the waivers to replace the piece you missed out on.


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So they accepted the trade! You think this is a great move for me?

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I LOVE this move for you.

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thank you for that breakdown…I hope the league doesn’t veto this now.

So my roster if this trade goes through

QB - Watson/Rivers
WR - MThomas, Kupp, Ridley, Brown
RB - CMC, Mixon, Michel
TE - Kelce
DST - stream plus stashed Denver

They shouldn’t veto it, it would be a lame veto it’s a fair trade on the surface. Your roster looks great now :+1:t2::+1:t2: