Trade For Kelce

I’m in a full PPR dynasty league and I’m stacked besides maybe TE. I’m going for the win this year, hopefully without sacrificing too much of my future.

Right now I have Vance McDonald and Mark Andrews at TE.

Notable player on my bench are Marlon Mack, Latavius Murray, Chris Thompson, Albert Wilson, Marqise Lee, Nelson Agholor

Should I trade Mack and Vance for Travis Kelce and a slight downgrade at QB, is it worth sacrificing the depth?

Depends on how slight the QB downgrade, but my first instinct is a strong yes. Having a top tier TE is one of the most enviable assets there is, and the price isn’t overwhelming. You’ll need to build up your bench a little bit, but it sounds like your starting lineup would be a juggernaut. Go for it, just as long as that QB you’re giving up isn’t mahomes or something

If you were the Kelce owner and someone offered you Mack and Vance for him, would you take it? They only way I would is if I was in very desperate need for a RB. You’d have to throw in at least one 1st round draft pick to sweeten the deal.

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I agree I doubt the kelce owner makes that trade…even if you did add a first…Vance is speculation for
a huge jump but kelce is WR1 known commodity at a postition with limited quality options…