Trade for Kupp or Brown in dynasty?

12 team, PPP, TE premium, superflex dynasty league. Let me explain my situation quick.

I was offered Kupp for Tannehill, Melvin Gordon, the 2022 2.04, and the 2022 2.11. That is very tempting, but I think Kupp might only have 2-3 years of elite production, and my roster is at a weird middle ground. I have CMC, Gibson, Singletary, Gordon, Carter, Adams, Waddle, McLaurin, Kmet, and Parker, to name the highlights. My only other viable QB besides Tannehill is Zach Wilson. I also have 3 1st rounders next year. This year, I feel like I’m in between a rebuild and contending. I want to try to get Tannehill and Gordon off my hands before they are nothing (which could be next year), but would trading for Kupp be worth it if my roster has some question marks to contend the next year or two?

The other team also has AJ Brown, who might have slightly less value than Kupp as of now. Should I try for Brown instead so I don’t have to give up as much and since he’s younger? Honestly, if I knew that CMC would be healthy, I would probably lean towards Kupp to have CMC, Kupp, Adams, and Waddle together.