Trade for Kupp?

I have Goff and would love to take Kupp
I have M Thomas/ Ty Hilton/ Boyd
My RBs are Sony/Chubb/D.Mont/Brieda
Should I trade Boyd and Duke for Kupp??
To much ? To little? Or just fair?

Keep Boyd, he’ll only get better once AJ gets back or the emergence of Ross (whichever comes first) but he’s comfortably the 1 while AJ is out and then 2 once he’s back.

As for your RB’s Chubb will be fine, give David Montgomery another 3-4 weeks before he takes a hold of the back field in Chicago and if he can stay healthy, Breida will be just fine for you.

It seems like Hyde is getting early work over Duke so going for Duke isn’t upgrading your RB situation. Good luck to you

I meant I was TRADING DUKE

I wanna trade for Kupp with those players who would you give for him? Duke? Or just offer straight up TY for him