Trade for Lamar and Waller?

I’m trying to buy low here, the team that has these two is 1-2 and looks in trouble. Thinking of trying to see if I can get away with Brees, Jared Cook and Allen Lazard just to see where I’m at and how tilted they are.

Rosters are:
QB: Brees
RB: Zeke, Chubb, Taylor, Joshua Kelly, Malcolm Brown
WR:Lockett, Golladay, Hollywood, Jerry Jeudy, Allen Lazard
TE: Schultz, Cook

QB:Lamar, Foles
RB: Mixon, Gibson, Freeman, McKinnon
WR: Diggs, McLaurin, T Higgins, Dionte Johnson,
TE:Jimmy Graham, Dallas Godert, Darren Waller.

Giving one of my three top RBs could be an option too since he’s weak there. Thoughts?

So you’re plan was to offer Brees, Cook, and Lazard for what, Lamar and Waller? I’d laugh you right out the door if you offered me that.

Realistically? If you wanted to get both of them in one big package then you’d probably have to offer Brees, Taylor, Hollywood/Lazard, and maybe even Kelly

Individually i think you could get Waller for Taylor straight up, or Taylor+Hollywood for Waller+Dionte, and maybe Lamar+Gibson for Taylor+Lazard/Hollywood

Ideally you keep Zeke, Chubb, Lockett, and Golladay