Trade for Lamar Jackson

In a single keeper league where everyone’s keeper is effectively their Round 0 pick. Currently 0-2 with the following roster in a standard 12 team league:

Would it be conducive to trade away Brees and a 2nd rounder for Lamar Jackson and a 10th? The Jackson owner is punting the season and playing for next year already. He proposed the above trade as i inquired about Jackson. I countered with Brees and a 4th for Jackson and a 12th. If a 2nd rounder is what it takes, i might counter again to receive his 8th rounder as well.

What’s reasonable?

Bumpity Bump.

I’m very confused about the setup of this league. It’s a single keeper, no losing rounds, yet you can trade draft picks? And the guy with jackson is punting on the season in week 2?

Why are you confused on the trading of draft picks? Nothing preventing that from happening.

Because it sounds like it’s a redraft, but if you can trade draft picks then you must have a predetermined order like in dynasty? Winner goes last and so on? And why is the jackson owner giving up on only week 2 if it’s not a dynasty? Did he have Saquon and Sutton or something?

It’s basically a redraft and everyone keeps 1 guy to carry over. Random draft order every year.

Why on earth is this guy giving up with that roster in week 2…

As to your question, 2nd rounder too steep. 3rd+ his 8th is more reasonable and 4th I’d be fine with.