Trade for Lamb and Watson?

12-team standard 1-QB dynasty. Would you trade Akers/Henderson/2.06 for Lamb and Watson?

My current RBs are:
Akers, Mixon, CEH, Gibson, Bell, Henderson, Gus, Wilson, and Booker.

Current WRs are:
Kupp, Chark, DJ Moore, M Williams, Hardman, DPJ.

Current QBs are: Hurts, Winston, and Darnold.

2021 picks are: 1.05, 1.09, 1.11, 2.02, 2.06

I think that’s a pretty solid trade. Akers is a very big longshot to ever be relevant again. Lamb is a budding superstar, and Watson could be a steal if he is traded some place, and he probably will be at some point. You’re in a much better spot in RB than WR, and if Hurts doesn’t live up to expectations, you could be in serious trouble at QB as well. Overall you’re addressing two needs and not hurting yourself all that much.

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@scanale42 Do you think it’s a good trade if I have to give up both seconds or the 2.02 instead of 2.06?

Tougher call, but you’ve got 3 in the 1st, so the 2.02 I almost don’t care about. And you’re already snagging a proven up and coming star in Lamb who should help anchor that WR corp for years to come. I’d probably still go with it, but I’m also new to dynasty, so you might want another opinion.

That’s what I’m thinking. As a Rams fan it’s hard because I was so ready for Akers to be the dude and I still think Henderson could be awesome if he stays healthy. With Gibson, Mixon, and CEH I’m not sure I’ll absolutely need him though as much as I need a WR.