Trade for Lev Bell

I get Bell, give up james white, ty hilton and gronk or cooper

full ppr my team right now is
antonio brown cooper hilton sanders ammendola
mixon martin kamara white
gronk and graham

Should I give up gronk or cooper?

Amari Cooper?

Give up Cooper and keep Gronk-

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Yea no brainer!

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Amari Cooper, yes. only reason I considered giving up gronk is i have graham and I wont be so depleted at wr

The way injuries etc can happen and the weird TE production this year I try and keep 2 TEs most of the time-

Keep Gronk, you should be fine at WR depth with AB. Amendola is decent as well but AB counts as 2 most weeks.

I actually got him to switch it so I gave up white kamara and cooper for

Nice job on that trade-

Bell is like having 2 running backs and one wide receiver all at times!!! They better SHOW HIM THE MONEY!! Lol

Nice job! I know it would take a better offer then that for me to trade him.

How old was your trade partner?

Haha his team got screwed because he drafted Rodgers Cobb Adams and
Bennett. So he needed guys desperately

Well da…what Jordy and ty wernt available?
Who drafts three guys from the same team without thinking of a bad injury sinking their team.

They got what they deserved.