Trade for mahomie

I’m in a pickle right now. I have Mahomes in my big money league and I’m sitting in 4th out of 10 right now. I just got a offer for my mahomes and I would receive lamar jackson. I was also offered phillip rivers for mahomes. Suggestions?

Depends on who is on waivers, but assuming it’s not good then,
No on Rivers. Jackson yes as long as it isn’t keeper.

It’s not a keeper league

Thanks for the advice!

Who is on waivers?

If you were offered Lamar Jackson straight up for Mahomes, in a non keeper redraft. Absolutely take that.

I mean Jackson is outscoreing him currently and Mahomes will sit out for who knows how many weeks. Jacksons Floor is so safe with his running ability, that’s not going to go away.

You’ll need a streamer quarterback in week eight but that seems like a really good deal for you.

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Right now the top 3 QBs on the waiver wire is minshew, josh allen and flacco. That’s for the advice guys!

Josh Allen has an uber juicy schedule the next few weeks! I think I’d ride with him. I believe Mahomies has really been hurt by Hill’s absence and when they are all finally healthy, it’ll be back to greatness.

Ya you could hold onto Allen until Mahomes gets back. Probably what I would do since Lamar is off next week anyway.