Trade for McCaffrey?

I was offered McCaffrey in exchange for Devante Adams and Josh Jacobs. Standard scoring.

I know McCaffrey is killing but I feel like I might be over paying. What’s your thoughts?

I’d take that. Adams May have Turf toe lingering throughout the season then CMC is literally the best fantasy person right now


I would tear up if someone offered that to me


That is an easy trade, as a CMC owner. If i wasn’t I would take that without hesitation

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Thanks for the info guys I think I’m going to push for him.

He rejected and countered I would get jamis and CMC for Jacobs, Adams and Aaron Rodgers

I currently have Dak so jamis would be my back up.

I have Dak as my main (and only) QB. The rest of his schedule, he faces either REALLY GOOD defenses, or fairly decent ones. He doesn’t do too well against solid defenses. And Winston has been very hit and miss. I’d check waivers, or take the trade, and try to flip Jamis

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Jamies has a good schedule RoS and he scored like 14 points while Turing the ball over 6 times lol that’s an awesome floor. I’d take it