Trade for McCown?

My opponent has Forte (out) and no other RB rostered, so it’s the waiver wire for them.

Should I try to trade Bilal Powell + Hurns for McCown or just force them to pick up an RB3?

I’d force them to pick up and rb 3 usually but What’s their options and who is your qb

2 QB league. I’ve got Dak and Dalton, they’ve got McCown and Goff. The waiver wire doesn’t have anyone over 9 pts projected. Powell’s projected for 14 in Yahoo.

I wouldn’t let him back in with a chance as Powell could go off. Dalton isn’t great and McGowan is better but I’d ask for more than McGowan trading hurns and Powell. But I’m not certain with 2qb leagues so maybe ask for further advice…