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Trade for McCoy


Does Isaiah Crowell and Willie Snead for LeSean McCoy sound like a fair deal?


Seems fair to me, but some more info on your team composition would help us provide a more educated opinion. Personally, I’m a bit hesitant about McCoy given that Buffalo has next to no passing threat to open up the ground game.


He is being shopped around in my league do to that hesitation I believe. This is my current roster.


Seeing as you have ample depth at both RB and WR and only need to play two WRs every week (of your 5 solid guys post-trade), I’d say take the shot on McCoy and getting a potentially top-3 RB while giving up little in terms of starting assets. Snead would more than likely ride your bench all year or be dropped in favor of a TE or QB on a bye week anyway.


As a follow-up, odds are good that Ginn is still sitting on your waiver wire. Trading a 2-for-1 gives you a chance to add another guy to your bench. So far, I’ve heard a lot of promising things about Ginn being that poor-man’s Cooks, vertical guy on a Saints offense with Brees throwing him the ball. I’ll take some of that!


I definitely like the sound of that, thanks for the advice.