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Trade for McCoy?


I’ve got Freeman, Lynch, Gillislee and Martin. McCoy owner is wanting to trade for Gillislee and Martin. I’m just a little worried about all the negative game scripts for buffalo. Thoughts?


i’d take it. you already have 2 really good RB’s McCoy would only improve that, and come on McCoy is a beast. One bad game he will be fine


Tough call for me. I’m not sure we learned much about Buffalo, or how effective Shady can in either game so far. In the first game, he predictably destroyed one of the worst defensive fronts in the league. In the second game, he got completely contained by what I expect to be the best front 7 in the league. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle. I’m big on Martin when he comes back, and Gilly looks to have a nice role on a great offense, so I might hold off on this one.


i would hold on if he didnt have freeman and lynch already. i cant see gillislee strating over them two, also martin is even a bigger tossup than McCoy top 3 RB last year lol. take the trade.


I don’t agree. McCoy has always had nagging injuries, and misses games most years. He’s about to have a MASSIVE workload and is another year older. He’ll also likely have to face an 8 man box most plays and may lose the benefit of playing with a mobile QB (which generally helps open up the running game). I’ve been telling people to fade him all off season, and will stand by that.

The importance of depth at the RB position cannot be overstated, and I suspect there will be multiple weeks where I’d start either of those guys over Shady.


interesting, well i am high on McCoy. Hard decision good luck.


Appreciate the feedback thus far. Seemed like an easier decision before week 2. I’m leaning toward declining the trade. When Martin gets back it will be nice to have 4 I can start with injuries, byes, and bad match ups. Just two years ago I got burned by McCoy as my 1st rounder.