Trade for mccoy?!#

Should i trade for mccoy? It might cost me gronk. Was offered straight up. Or David Johnson and Landry for antonio brown. Landry and tate are the best i got wr.

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What does the rest of your team look like and what is your record? League specs?

12 man league .5 ppr i have rivers dj lynch breida landry tate boyd gronk kittle latavius and just picked up alfred blue

What TEs are available on the wire?

Does the AB owner have a rb he can toss on that deal so its 2-2?

They have mccoy Miller Hines jamal Charles and ty Montgomery. They want a rb

No the AB owner you mentioned. Looks like you listed two possible deals. Or is it the same owner offering you these?

I wouldn’t trade Gronk for McCoy straight up. I’d do DJ and Kittle for AB.

Same owner, the are in last place I’ve only one 2 games. Trying to put something together

Do you think mccoy will be traded? I’m seeing bills say they aren’t

This is curious because I’m also thinking about trading for McCoy. The owner wants Josh Gordon for his McCoy or Fournette giving me the option.

I’d do Gordon for either of those just on the chance.

Not sure. As a Conner owner I am hoping Bell goes to the Eagles but we won’t really know until it happens.

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It’s a risk. I have McCoy and if he doesn’t get traded. He is pretty much a desperation play. Gronk is too good for McCoy.

They threw out dj gronk and Landry for mccoy and Antonio brown… I’m not looking the huge trade though

I liked that offer someone else made where you keep gronk and offer him DJ-Kittle for AB.

Jason La Canfora has been strong on Bell to the Eagles from the beginning.

Was just offered ab for dj and Landry… should i take it? I started out trying to get mccoy and now losing the best of the rbs i have… should i take it?

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See if he will give you Hines and AB for DJ and laundry.

As a Conner and Bell owner I hope the trade happens. Two RB1s off my first round pick essentially.

John Clayton is talking J Howard to Eagles.

Eagles are kicking tires right now. Something is going to happen but just not sure which back. They also need corner help so maybe if they are able to get help both places that would be more favorable. That would almost surely rule out Bell.