Trade for Melvin?

So I think I want to hold off and see how bad the injury is, but if It looks like a 2 week injury, the guy who has Melvin is fighting for the playoffs and will really need an RB to take his place.

I currently own
A Jones

I am thinking 2 of Jones, Adams or Gus could be good enough. Would you make this move or is there just too much risk in getting Gordon. I am fighting for the playoffs too but I think I could sacrifice 1 or 2 of these guys if it means having Melvin.

It is a grade 2 sprain they figure it could be up to a month.

I do not think they are going to rush him back, given his own hubris is what sent him out this week.

Given the ROS schedule for the chargers is a pretty tough one for RB (cincy week 14 is the only good one, KC week 15 is okay but its gunna favour throwing more than running)
i wouldnt trade


Yep. Hold tight on that one, as tempting as it may be. I’m trying with everything i have to acquire CMC. He is going to be a league winner. Go after him with Gurley if you have to, as he is at risk of clinching early anyway.

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Keep what you have – I am reading earliest game he’s back is Week-15.

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