Trade for Miles Sanders

In a half ppr dynasty league, would you trade a second round pick for Miles Sanders?

I’m thinner at rb than wr, and think anyone of Sanders caliber will be gone by my turn in the second during our next rookie draft.

If they accept it I would. You’re getting a talent you know is good. Could get a steal in the later round that’s a back up. Or a guy like Clyde who hasn’t been great for fantasy lately.

Thanks! If he doesn’t accept the 2, should i offer the 1?

I haven’t played dynasty before. Do you think the value is there to win this year trading a 1? Your more likely to get a wr in the second round from what I’ve seen before in the draft

I’m probably picking at the back end of the rookie draft. In second place right now, and a solid rb could put me over the edge.

I’m strongly considering offering the 1

I’d feel comfortable trading a back end first. I always want the known production if its available

I’d offer the 1 for sure, especially if you’re contending this year. Sanders has a much higher probability of being more valuable than whoever you’d be grabbing at that spot in the draft.

Ended up making the trade for Sanders. Cost me a 2nd and a 5th. Pretty happy with the trade.

Well done! That’s a steal on your end.

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