Trade for Mixon or Move On?

Hi all,

I’ve posted here in the past about my roster, which is under a bit of a crunch. I’ve linked that previous post here for reference, but for those who don’t want to click through, here’s what my roster looks like. It’s a 10-team, 0.5 PPR, 1 QB dynasty league that also starts 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEXes, 1 K, and 1 DST (with 10 bench spots, 3 IR spots, and 4 taxi squad spots):

QB: Deshaun Watson, HOU
RB1: Aaron Jones, GB
RB2: Austin Ekeler, LAC
WR1: DeAndre Hopkins, ARI
WR2: Julio Jones, ATL
TE: Jared Cook, NO
FLEX1: Mark Ingram, BAL
FLEX2: Marvin Jones, DET
K: N/A
Bench: Matt Ryan (ATL), Cam Newton (FA), Tevin Coleman (SF), Raheem Mostert (SF), Justin Jackson (LAC), Chris Thompson (JAX), Brandin Cooks (HOU), Anthony Miller (CHI), Dede Westbrook (JAX), Phillip Dorsett (SEA), Blake Jarwin (DAL), Hayden Hurst (ATL)
Taxi Squad: Allen Lazard (GB), Miles Boykin (BAL), Jace Sternberger (GB), Chris Herndon (NYJ)
2020 Draft Picks: 1.08 (8), 2.08 (18), 2.10 (20), 3.08 (28), 4.01 (31), 4.08 (38)
Future Draft Picks: All own 2021 and 2022 draft picks (four rounds and picks in each, can’t trade beyond that right now)

I’ve been in negotiations for a Joe Mixon trade for a long, long time now, and so far, nothing has stuck, even incorporating a third team to help facilitate the deal. I made my ninth (I think) proposal earlier today and wanted to know if it’s a deal I should take. On my side, it’s…

  • Out: Ingram, 1.08 (8), 2.08 (18)
  • In: Mixon, 3.01 (21)

That would leave me with five picks in this upcoming draft: 2.10 (20), 3.01 (21), 3.08 (28), 4.01 (31), 4.08 (38). That’d still be an issue for me, in terms of the roster crunch and incoming rookies, but it’d be a significant upgrade in my RB position group.

Is the upgrade from Ingram to Mixon worth my top two picks in a draft class as good as this one? I’ve decided that if this deal doesn’t get done, either because I decide to pull it off the table or the other team says no, I’ll probably back off and either re-approach shortly before our rookie draft or around the time training camps start, whenever that will be this year. I have other potential deals I can make (one team was expressing interest in acquiring Hurst, potentially for a future second round pick, so that might be a path I choose to explore instead).

Thanks for the help, guys!

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I like Mixon, But I think it’s too much. You have good RBs in Jones and Ekeler, Ingram will be a solid flex, and you may be able to get dobbins with that 1.08 to secure the ravens backfield for the future which will be run oriented. With the 2.08 you may be able to get a shenault. Both could be valuable long term assets. I would see how the draft shakes out, and if you are not satisfied then make a move to secure your win now run. Just my two cents


I agree with @colin in general.

Reasons to NOT do the trade:
Mixon should be a stud. All the stats / tape say so. It feels as though it is a lot to give up. I also think that is his price should feel that way. While I am not sure you can land Dobbins at the 1.08 (that’s prety late), you could get a nice RB there. I am not sure they are Mixon quality. They will be younger and Mixon might hold out, so it is a bit safer to stay put. The 2.08 might catch a falling back or a solid WR. This gives nice depth to your team’s core and a shot at a high end asset or two.

Reasons TO make the trade:
I like Ingram for this year. Afterwards I am not so excited for him as I see Dobbins owning BAL perhaps end of this year. Really, Ingram maybe has a full year in the big role out in BAL. Then he is done or at least moved to an auxiliary mode and perhaps a BYE week guy. Getting Mixon essentially for the 1.08 / 2.08 is a pretty cheap price. You remove the mystery of the rookie lottery and grab a stud RB which helps your team likely immediately.

My take on the trade:
This draft is really deep and you have strong remaining picks. I like try to grab youth if I can generally. That said, I am okay with this trade. I think you can still add good WR depth from 2.10 on. Landing Mixon definitely gets your RB room in shape and all things told that is likely a steal for him.

My two cents, but I hope they help!

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Thanks, @octoberland and @colin! I’m going to tell the Mixon owner that I’m in on this deal if he is. I don’t think he will be, but if he bucks my expectation, then I think I upgrade enough in this win-now bid.

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