Trade for MT in Dynasty?

Is it worth it targeting MT? Probably wouldn’t give up a first but maybe multiple 2nds or do you a first is what it will take to get him?

12-team Standard dynasty

Yeah I think he’s worth exploring. If the owner comes back with prices you can’t live with then thanks and move on. Don’t ask you won’t get.

What do you think fair value is? I agree though and am definitely asking.

If I had Thomas I’d probably still want a player I can use this season and a first especially if I’m solid enough to be competitive without him. If I’m rebuilding I probably want a first and second.

But as a buyer I think I’d be looking to go multiple seconds as you suggested.

If it’s a strong lineup, the owner might feel his value is as low as it can go and he can cope without him for a period and expect a stronger performance or return once he’s back and producing.

A lot of words but in summation sorry I’m not sure. Best of luck though.