Trade for now... Trade for the future.. Need Help!

In a Non-PPR

I give: Fournette + Waller + DJax
I get: Josh Gordon + Travis Kelce + Kareem Hunt

So real quick, Kareem Hunt is eligible to be a keeper next year for a 9th round pick (trade for future). No other player in this trade is an eligible keeper.

My Team AFTER Trade:

QB: Dak / Stafford
RB: Barkley / Chubb / M. Gordon / Hunt
WR: Kupp / Lockett / J. Gordon / C. Samuel
TE: Kelce

We don’t know what Hunt’s usage is gonna be or how he’s gonna be after being off this long and on a new team. I think you can get a better WR for Fournette than Gordon.

Hunt would be just a handcuff for Chubb and I would keep him next year for my 9th round pick and hope he lands as a starter somewhere. But I totally get your point.