Trade for OBJ and K johnson det. And give away adam thielen and j howard? Help

I got antonio brown!!

What does your RB situation look like?

That was it looks like…

This it what it looks like


Man that’s a great WR core but the gamble than comes to weather Johnson steps up which is tough to assume from one week. But Jason did make everybody want to keep/draft/stash him and added value we haven’t seen yet but if he breaks loose half way though you’d be primed from a second half domination

I know… its tempting just because ill have two great WRs but rbs are so valuable! Thanks man for the advice appreciate it

With Tevin having more volumn and devonte being out you might be able to limp along until Kerryon wakes up and starts to deliver

i would see how K Johnson plays on sunday. but it is very tempting! who knows how long Blount is going to be out for too.