Trade for OBJ or Diggs

Got the following offer: I give up Lindsay, I get OBJ or Diggs. I feel like getting OBJ is the right move, but I am 2-6, needing some wins, OBJ is on bye this week, and Lindsay has turned into my best RB recently.

Do I pull the trigger?

Here’s my roster:
QB: Big Ben
RB: Chubb, Kerryon, Lindsay, Howard, Breida, Mostert, Clement, Foreman (IR)
WR: Hopkins, Boyd, Baldwin
TE: Uzomah
DST: Pat’s, Bears
K: Bailey



Yes as an enthusiastic Lindsay owner take it.

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@MikeMeUpp You’ve given me good feedback before, and I’ve seen you’re a fan of OBJ … what do you think?

Well… OBJ > Diggs objectively speaking. Also, OBJ may be on bye right now, but Diggs is on bye week 10, so that’s a hit, but you can start Boyd in place of Diggs rather than having to start Baldwin in place of OBJ, so there’s something to consider.

All in all, I’d take OBJ, start Chubb, Kerryon, Hopkins, Baldwin (pray to the gods) and flex Howard

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This is a no brainer.

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Ha. Figured that would be the response. Thanks for the feedback.