Trade for OBJ or stay put?

I was thinking of going after OBJ to add to my WRs, I was looking to offer Fournette and Alshon or Gordon for OBJ
My current RBs are Chubb David Johnson Fournette Hunt Samuels and McCoy
WRs are Hopkins Gordon Alshon Tate and McLaurin

Also thinking about dropping McLaurin for Curtis Samuels, should I do it?

Bumping for advice

My advice-
Keep McLaurin and Drop Hunt for Samuels. Hunt isn’t taking anything from Chubb. He’s nothing more than a paper weight atm and no coach in his right mind is gonna pull Chubb for Hunt, especially when it matters.

For OBJ- You’ll need to part with Fournette to have any shot at this happening. You may need to toss in a “Kicker” too. Try Fournette or a Fournette and McLaurin. Try to keep Gordon and Alshon if you can. They could be lethal down the stretch. They both score a lot when they play, more then most WR’s and they both do it consistently. Alshon is an injury risk tho, but he seems fine now.

If need be, swap McLaurin with Tate. But try the Fournette/McLauren Combo 1st

Best of luck

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Last thing- It’s looking like Cleveland is gonna have to battle for the playoffs, so chance are they’re not gonna slow Chubb down late season.

The only reason to keep Hunt is as insurance, but otherwise, you’ll never play him… But if you had him n needed him he’s there, so weigh that carefully.

If it were me, I’d drop Hunt, but thats me.

Take care

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Thanks for the advice @JerzeyDevil
I’ll look to make those offers today and hopefully one gets accepted