Trade for OBJ!

0.5 ppr. Rest of my team :
RB : CMC, Michel, conner , yeldon, aaron jones, duke johnson Jr.

WR : Diggs, Evans , baldwin, Mike Williams, enunwa, callaway, Edelman

Im talking to the OBJ owner, what should I propose him ?

If he’s weak at RB you could try Evans and one of Conner/Jones

I would have to give Diggs or Evans ?

I would think so. Beckham will cost you.

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OBJ is probably going to cost like Michel + Baldwin at best but likely Diggs + Michel. OBJ just hit 30 points so unless he thinks that’s OBJ’s peak you’re buying at his peak.

I should’ve traded for him 2 weeks ago damn.

could try a combo of Yeldon and Baldwin. Yeldon and Edelman may actually be fair, but Yeldon and Baldwin could be good players to get out of in exchange for OBJ. But yes, as already mentioned here, OBJ is def a lot higher in the owner’s mind probably than he was last week.

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