Trade for Odell

Full ppr Trade Kareem Hunt and Doug Baldwin for Odell and Kenyan drake. Good deal? Other RBs are DJ Mixon Bernard Miller Breida. WRs Allen Fitzgerald Marvin Jones

That seems like a fair trade but I like the Hunt side. If I trade for OBJ or Drake this week, I’d want to buy low and giving up Hunt doesn’t really seem like doing that to me. I’m not sure Drake has any trade value at all at this point.

Drake is really a throw in here. Hunt did have a great game today but I think my RB depth can overcome sending him out. Want to bolster my WRs and Seattle offense is a concern for me. Working on a deal to acquire Jordan Howard as well so that would give me 3 top 15 backs still

That’s fine. Just because you can afford to lose him though doesn’t mean you should take anything less in a deal by trading him away IMO. I’d first ask myself if I could get a better deal from the Allen / Hilton / Julio owners

Bump for advice please