Trade for or Add Andrew Luck replacement?

Waited drafted Luck in a ten player league. One QB league with only 5 player bench, but the 9 other teams drafted and roster two QBs, so FA pool is limited to Dalton, Manning, Keenum. Should I wait and hope things get better with Luck? Or drop Luck and add Dalton? Drop my worst position player (Lindsay) for Dalton? Or make a trade for another team’s backup (eg Goff)? If that route, Lindsay for Goff? Help!!

Can I see what your roster looks like? There may be some other trade options that could work too outside of the listed options.

Of course, should have included: My RBs: Barkley, Gordon, Conner, Mixon, Michel, and Lindsay. My WRs are Ju Ju, Cooks, Sanders, Jones Jr. My TE: Burton. Thanks for any advice!

Are you in a 2WR 2RB 1TE and a Flex format? I recently sent out a trade of Drake and Luck for Newton and the owner is seriously considering it (as they should for an RB2) you have some strong depth at both positions and could consider packaging Luck with someone like Jones Jr. for someone like Kirk Cousins. Also I don’t think Luck will be that bad season long so there’s no need to trade him. This is more just if you’re looking to move on from him

Yes, that’s our league’s format. Was Cousins a backup on that team? he is the starter in our league, and his backup is Mariota, so I am not confident that owner would be willing to trade him. The Big Ben team might be willing… he starts Watson and needs a RB. The Rivers owner has good RB and WR depth so I don’t think I could get something going with him. And the Matt Ryan owner is hard to make any deal with (always tries to screw you).

btw, the Goff owner also has Cam. So I guess I could start with Cam and settle for Goff.

Who does the Rodgers owner have as his backup? In my league that guy has Ryan as backup and is shopping one or the other. Similar league where everyone keeps 2 qbs at least through byes.

The Rogers owner is the Ryan owner… and he is the most difficult one in the league to make trades with. “Oh, you’d like Ryan? How about Barkley or Gordon?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

At this point you might could get Rodgers cheaper. :slight_smile:

Yea… tough to deal for Ryan and his highest. I can ask about Rodgers too. But if trades don’t work, better to drop Luck for Dalton, or Michel for Dalton, or stay with Luck and hope?

I’m rostering Luck and Big Ben. Luck was good at home, not as good on the road. Same for Ben generally speaking. I am just mixing and matching. Dalton has looked decent this year (4 int last game but still put up pts). I’d be mixing and matching starts or streaming.

And Ryan owner, who always way overvalues his players, wants one of my “starting” RBs (Barkley, Gordon, Conner) for Ryan. My league is almost impossible to make trades when people think like that. I will move on to Goff owner, or simply add Dalton as waiver.

Being a 10 team league Goff might not be enough on a weekly basis. If you get a guy like that I would grab Dalton too and play match ups. Is Tannyhill rostered? I think for now I am going to play Luck when hes in a dome (at home or road opponents that have a dome) only when Ben is on the road in an unfavorable match up. I was worried about the weather for Ben week one and Luck got me 300-2, but since then his attempts seem to be a lot lower.

Drop Luck, Add Dalton…
3 of Daltons next four games are against fairly weak defenses (Falcons, Steelers, Chiefs) and could be shootouts …

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Completely agree. Just drop Luck for Dalton for an immediate improvement.