Trade for picks value--Gallup and the fish guy

I am in a superflex, ppr, te premium, dynasty in year one.

What is fair trade value for Michael Gallup–trading future picks? (I am trading for his value after this year when he most likely leaves Dallas)

Same for Adam Trautman?

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You’re looking to acquire Gallup? I’d be looking to see if anyone bites at third round. But I think it gets rejected and I’m not sure if I’d be willing to go higher. But there’s the chance it’s amari that’s out soon in Dallas too.

Trautman in tight end premium is really difficult to guage. I think I could if I was really struggling at tight end to be persuaded in this situation to go second round but it really feels like I’m reaching on him being a sure thing and I don’t know if I believe it.


I’m in on Gallup even in DAL, but obv that sinks value some. I’d go back end 2nd / high end 3rd. But I think you might need something more, maybe just a toss in player. I do think going after him is smart.

Trautman I do like. I get he is still young and hasn’t shown it yet but in TE premium once he does it’s too late. I like what I saw but think he’s more 2022 lift-off which means if you believe (I do), now is the time. I’d say he’s likely a solid 2nd in your format.

If they’re both on the same team, and you think you will be a strong team next year, I"m not opposed to a 2022 2nd & 3rd & 4th for them both. I’m not as high on the 2022 class, but in SF it is a bit deeper. If you think you’ll be a strong contender (your pick is end of the draft) I’d not worry too much about shipping it them. I’d even consider your 2022 1st in that scenario, but not as many add-ins. Maybe a 1st & 3rd/4th?

It’s tough not knowing your roster / league settings or the teams you are buying from, but those would be starting points. FWIW I’m bullish on both of them so I might be a little more aggressive than the market. I really try to get in early, even if I’m wrong.

I hope any of this helps!

If Amari is out that is fine as well, Gallup is just the odd man out right now. I have offered a 2023 2nd round pick, It may be misdirected but I think there is an amazing amount of talent there that is being lost because of them drafting Ceedee lamb

I feel like that is a lot for Fishman but I have zero experience with TE premium


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For Gallup, I am offering a 2nd in 2023. Might have to go 2022…I do think I will compete this year so it will be a late pick.

I think I can get fishy for a 3rd…

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If you are competitive this year offer your 2022 2nd. 2023 is looking strong and I’d be buying those picks personally. IF you land Trautman for a 2022 3rd you’re my hero!