Trade for pitts

The pitts owner is super weak. He selected pitts in the first round of our dynasty draft. I was targeting him also since that’s where I’m the weakest. Thought about offering Josh Jacobs and a 1st for him. Think its enough? My We are : Godwin, theilen, diotnae johnson, Sutton, chark, aiyuk. My rbs are : kamara, eckler, Jacobs, javonte Williams, and Jamaal Williams. Thoughts?

This is a 10 team ppr

So let me get this straight…

In a 10 team league, you are thinking about sending a young starting RB and a 1st round pick for a rookie TE??


I’m sorry, I just can’t…

Listen, I don’t need the snarky response. I may have needed talked off the ledge

I think bc you have Kamara, Ekeler, Javonte Williams, & Jacobs targeting Pitts to fill in a weak spot in your starting line up is not a bad idea. Especially in dynasty.

If Pitts is who they say he is, he could be a stud TE for you for 8-12 years. Jacobs… won’t be a stud this year in my opinion, maybe gives you 3-5 more solid years (and your deep at the position). RBs become disposable quickly in the NFL.

That said, A 1st plus Jacobs is a bit much. Maybe Jacobs + 2nd (or something of similar value you don’t need).

Sometimes we wind up overpaying for someone we like… Risk is the name of the game. So if it takes a 1st maybe it’s worth it for your team to win now or in the next couple years? That’s a call I can’t make for you… but I like the idea :slight_smile:

I also thought about throwing theilen out to see if it sticks with a pick. He is super weak in just about every position.

Yeah, if you like Pitts start with something including Theilen and go from there. I assume you have some idea of the other owners trade tendencies and personality… so you know the best way to start negotiations. And if not, only one way to find out!