Trade for playoffs?

Someone offered me A. Luck, Graham and A. Collins, for A. Rodgers, D. Lewis, Ito Smith,

Qb: kirk,rodgers
WR: D, Adams, Juju, Funchess
RB: Kamara, Conner, , Lewis, Ito,
TE: Burton, Dickson

Luck has been pretty good with the Colts as they are able to score at least 28 points, but its A. Rodgers… Trade is in my favor, am i fool for not taking this?

I would not take this trade, Rodgers has a better schedule for the playoffs(and we know who’s better) Collins just makes me sad every time I have to start him. And why do you need 2 let alone 3 TEs. Burton is at least as good of not better than Graham

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I don’t like the idea of giving up 2 for 1 RB’s as part of a trade that, IMO, doesn’t really address your needs. I don’t think you need any of the players they’re offering. Seems like a lateral move where you lose a RB.

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