Trade for Pollard?

So I had a great draft in my opinion, but I didn’t get Pollard. Below is my team. Should I make a move to get him or just stay put?

You’re fine. Zeke will maybe miss week 1 and 2 at worst by sounds of things. Stick with what you got. no sense in trading your depth for 1 start. Tevin at tbay is juicy anyway for your flex. As is gallup vs NYG if Cooper misses

It depends on what you would have to give up, who ever has Pollard probably is going to be asking for a lot so I would say no. But if the pollard owner will do the trade for just some depth that you have on your bench why not.

Pollard for Ballage would be a great move if he will take it. Does he have Drake?

Yeah, I agree with the two ppl above. The Pollard owner tried to get me to trade Ekeler for Pollard. Lol.