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Trade for Pryor?


Bonjour from Vienna…

Would you try to get Pryor? The Owner in my League is willing to give him away? I Need some debth at WR…

I think about offering Gilleslie…

WR: Thomas, Ty Hill, Hopkins
RB: Freeman, Anderson, DeMarco, Kelley, Gallman, Gillie?


I personally would gamble on him with that team you have. Plenty of RB cover and you have some stud WR’s but always nice to have an extra one you can gamble on or use as trade bait yourself


My other options would be fitz or golden tate, but its a standard league so i think about the bigplays with pryor…


I would definitely try and personally if I could move Gallman for him I would do that…the Giants are wrecked right now and it’s going to be real hard for them to right that ship…


Would you try to get pryor or fitz for Gilleslie?

Thanks for your help