Trade for RB1? DJ owner

Hey Footclan.

So I won week 2 by a pretty good margin but I’m still kinda scared about my RB situation.

My team is
QB- Cousins
WR- AJG, Tate, Aghalor
RB- DJ, Drake, Powell, Ingram, Ekeler
TE- Uncle Will
K- Elliot
Def- Jags

Should I try to trade for another RB1? I was thinking of DJ and Tate for someone like Gurley. or DJ and AJG for Gurley. Or Drake and Tate for some RB1. I tried trading for Bell but she wouldn’t bite.

I don’t think either one of those would get Gurley. Drake & Tate for a RB1 also sounds unlikely to me.

What kind of value can I get for Drake or DJ right now? What kind of trade can I get for AJG and Drake?

I wouldn’t be trying to trade DJ right now personally because his value can’t get much lower relative to where he was drafted. I would stick it out, I imagine he’ll start having some big games. Drake & Green could probably get you someone like Hunt or Cook but I think I’d rather keep what I have if I were you.

Thanks for responding, JPlum_3. So you say to keep my line up as is? What do you think of Drake and either AJG/Tate for McCaffrey? Unlikely also?

In my opinion, yes that’s unlikely, especially if it’s PPR scoring. But it doesn’t hurt to offer, the worst that can happen is the other owner says no

The CMC owner said he was really close to accepting but wanted to see if CMC could keep it up. I was offered Hunt for my Drake and Tate. Take it?

I probably would

I can’t imagine anyone giving up Gurley right now. Especially for Johnson. If I were a Gurley owner, it would like a Melvin Gordon and Antonio Brown level combo for me to even think about it. And I’m still not sure I would do it.

Yeah, I completely agree with you. I’m convinced Gurley is an untouchable player in Fantasy lol. Would you trade Drake and Tate for AB though?

I don’t know on that one. I’m not liking Hunts usage so far. I’m not big on Drake though either. I’d probably do that one too. WRs aren’t too hard to find waivers usually. You’re not replacing Tate totally of course, but if you can nab like John Brown, Tyler Lockett, or Kenny Galloday from waivers, make that trade.