Trade for RB1 for Title Run

So I’m currently in first place in one of my leagues (ahead by points), and I’m considering acquiring another RB1 before the deadline in a couple of weeks to hopefully put myself over the top. I have Kamara, Mixon, Damien Harris, Moss and Ingram at RB, and I’m thinking I can make a trade offering Mixon and Moss. My options appear to be:

– Elliott: already had his bye; I have Dak; owner is in 10th place (out of 12) and has Najee
– Ekeler: already had his bye; owner is in 6th but is pretty deep at RB (also has Henderson and Chubb)
– Henry: might be a stretch at that price; hasn’t had his bye; owner is in 11th and only has one other RB on his roster (Mike Davis)

In each case I’m also thinking of adding one of my WRs to maybe get one of the above and another WR; I have Deebo, K Allen, Woods and Meyers, but I haven’t worked that part of it out yet.

League is 2QB full PPR. Thoughts? Thanks kindly in advance!

Henry feels like a stretch to get but it doesnt hurt to offer. Probably would have to do mixon and Harris atleast though… even then I doubt it

I like both of the other ideas Ekeler or Zeke if you could get it done at that price would be a great addition over mixon.

I also dont think you really have to make a move with those 3 rbs in Kamara Mixon Harris but getting another rb1 to pair with kamara would be scary to face. Any thoughts on targeting Barkley or CMC while their still out?

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I considered both but I’m iffy on their durability, plus CMC is on another contender and I don’t believe he’d be for sale anyway unless I offered Kamara. I could take a chance and hope either comes back soon and stays healthy, but if that doesn’t pan out I don’t trust Harris as my RB2 just yet, not in the NE backfield, despite the last couple of games – after this week he’s got a tough stretch ROS.

How about Harris and Woods for Barkley or CMC or Zeke?

You are already really strong at RB (as I think Harris is a great #3 RB for you). I wouldn’t over spend just to get another RB with injury issues.

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If I’m trading Woods then I’d prefer to get another WR included in return, make it a 3 for 2 package. Just sending Woods with an RB for an RB1 would leave me with only 3 WRs, and the selections on waivers aren’t great at the moment. Harris and Moss for Zeke might work.

Zeke owner has DJ Moore and then a big dropoff to Allen Robinson. (He does have Andrews though, so that might be something.) Ekeler owner has McLaurin, Sutton and Pittman; Henry owner has Metcalf, Evans and Waddle.

I would make offers or engage in trade negotiations with all suggested. Choosing a specific target does not guarantee a trade.