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Trade for Rob Kelley?


Guy wants Maclin and Duke Johnson. Standard League. Is it worth the gamble? I’m struggling at rb. I have Isiah Crowell Abdullah Chris Carson. No legit rb1 unless Carson steps it up. (I had David Johnson)


I reluctantly drafted Rob Kelley in round 6, simply because I thought he was on a good offense. He’s been hurt but he’ll be back. He’s my RB3 behind Hunt and Howard, but he has a nice schedule upcoming. Duke Johnson has nice games but he is on a very inconsistent offense. I would rather have Kelley. I played Perine last week and watched the game, he is not ready yet. Chris Thompson will have snaps limited. Kelleys spot is all his. If Crowell gets going then Johnson’s touches will get affected. Good luck


Thank you for the advice!

Anyone else??


yeah i would maclin prob not starting for you and Duke is really used as a WR so the only real RB in the trade and he looked good in preseason and before he was hurt

help me plz on my multi team trade post thanks