Trade for Russ?

Would you try to make a trade for Russell Wilson? I usually never trade for a QB, but I’ve got Cam (out) and RB depth, and the team with Russ has no RBs (starting James White and Kerryon Johnson). If so, who would you offer up?

My team …

QB: Newton
RB: Cook, Jacobs, Carson, Montgomery, Bell, Gaskin, Mattison
WR: Woods, Parker, Chark, Green
TE: Fant
DST: Patriots, Colts

10 team league, start 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1DST


Bump … should I try to get Russ to cook in my team’s kitchen?

Dynasty or Redraft? How in a 10 team league is someone starting James White and Kerryon Johnson?

I would go the waiver wire instead of looking to WAY overpay for past Russel Wilson production.


Redraft. I think they went WR heavy to start, and some of the RBs they did pick up later got hurt. I agree with not overpaying, which is probably what I’d have to do.

Minshew is probably the best QB on waivers. Who would you drop for him … Gaskin? Mattison?


Why not make an offer for Russ? Maybe that owner thinks like you and believes hes winning the trade by getting depth or better value at another position over a streamable position. And because of that you can buy at a reasonable price.

Maybe you offer:

and ask for Russ and someone in exchange.
Russ and Gurley
Russ and Gibson
Russ and Boyd
Russ and AJ Brown

So they are getting a ROS projected top 10 QB and top 15(?) RB.

You are getting a top 3 QB and mid-20s RB or WR