Trade for Russell Wilson

Ok… so I’m a hawks fan and my fantasy team name has been Armed and Dang3Russ for years now but I have never been able to get Russell Wilson on my team. Now I’m really goin for it. Need help with my trade offer.

Its a 14 team PPR. My roster as of now is

QB: Ryan Tannehill, Derek Carr
RB: CEH, Miles Sanders, Antonio Gibson, JK Dobbins
WR: Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen, Kenny Golladay, Diontae Johnson, Brandin Cooks
TE: Mark Andrews, Jonnu Smith

I’m thinkin about offering Mark Andrews or Kenny Golladay for Russ. What do yall think? Do I need to go stronger? The guy I’m trying to trade with has the tendency to shut down and not even try and deal if you don’t offer a strong enough trade to start with. He’s also big on name value.

forgot to mention that I would be sending Carr or Tannehill with whoever I decide on also.