Trade for Sanders

I don’t know what to think. I was offered 2 trades

Receive Miles Sanders trade David Johnson and Bell

Receive Sanders and trade CEH, Bell and Gibson

I think I should smash accept on the first one. Should I or should I stay put

If I could get Sanders for that cheap I would.

I just sent CEH and Justin Jackson for him and I’m pretty sure this dude won’t accept.

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The first one is a trade you have to accept. David Johnson and Bell for Sanders is great. It might even be good for the other guy but I doubt it. I see it as an RB2 occasional RB1 Johnson and a guy you’re likely frightened to flex for a guy we expect to be RB1 most weeks locked in lineup

The hope is the bye sees him back to full strength. But it’s a shot I’m taking every time

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I just offered the cheapest package for Sanders: Jonathan Taylor and Jordan Wilkins. I’m sure I won’t get him but the Sanders owner has no RBs for the week due to bye, injuries and covid. Haha. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I did the first deal and gave him David Johnson and Bell. Will miss DJs consistent 10 a week but I think Sanders can be a league winner