Trade for Saquon and Engram

Would you trade away Fournette McCoy and Andrews for Saquon and Engram?

Bumping for advice

yes. if you can survive. reports saying barkley COming back sooner than later.

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Am I offering too little like is it lob sided? @d3nali85

I think it’s a good enough offer. Im not 100% sure i would take it if i was the saquon owner because come on its saquon. Lol but i would think about it for sure.

I don’t think it will get accepted. They are getting a low end RB1 and a Flex and downgrading at TE. I know Barkley is hurt but with the news that came out yesterday Saquon owners probably not selling low on him anymore.

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@sdatkins what if I swapped Fournette with Chubb? Or should I just keep what I have

Engram is currently TE1 (although he won’t finish there) and Barkley was most peoples 1st overall pick. Hard to see you getting him for what you are willing to give. You might be able to do it for Chubb, Fournette, and Andrews, but that will probably kill your depth. McCoy doesn’t have a ton of value.

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@sdatkins would you do Fournette and Alshon it Gordon for OBJ?

Fournette McCoy and Andrews for Saquon and Engram, I’d make that trade in 2 seconds. Barkley will be back sooner rather than later & Engram is a top 5 TE, do it!

Can you please assist with my trade question? Thanks.

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If the Saquan owner for some reason trades that I would. As a Saquan owner it would take a lot more to get him off my hands since he is coming back sooner than later.

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@skyline17 @TheUnderperformers am I giving too little? Or would Chubb instead of Fournette be better? I was thinking of giving him two starting RBs and Andrews because he’s already stacked at TE with Engram and Hooper but his RBs are weak he only has Royce Freeman Josh Jacobs and Gore

If you can wait the possible 2 more weeks for Saquan I would! Fournette is tough cuase he’s in a bad situation. Will be up and down, I don’t see a ton of value in McCoy ROS and you can wash Andrews and Engram almost.

I just don’t see the value in McCoy or Fournette over Barkley. I just see it as you are trying to trade Chubb/Fournette + McCoy for Barkley. TE’s don’t matter since they are all good in that scenario. He may do it cause he is pretty weak at RB, but wouldn’t be surprised if he just tried to ride out Barkley. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pushed back and asked for Chubb & Fournette for Barkley.

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Would you do that trade tho? Or maybe Chubb and Hunt? Also I was attempting to trade for Tyreek and was sent a counter offered of Hill for Chubb and Fournette am I the only who thinks that trade is crazy? Lol I declined right away and tried switching the offer but that’s all he wanted @TheUnderperformers

If you are trying to trade for Barkley I would just shoot the fournette and McCoy offer and see what he says.

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@TheUnderperformers He doesn’t reply lol, would you just go after OBJ for Fournette and Alshon/Gordon?