Trade For Saquon Barkley?

I received a trade offer where I would send Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Allen Robinson and my 3rd round pick next year for Saquon Barkley, Diontae Johnson and his 8th round pick next year. I’m really conflicted if I should take the deal. Thoughts?

I’m assuming this is redraft? I absolutely wouldn’t, feels like he’s trying to cash in on Dionte having a big day and Robinson having a down one, while he dumps his “1st round RB” on you that didn’t look right this past week and is on a terrible offense.

Robinson had the targets, he just couldn’t cash in on them. But you have to assume that chemistry is going to improve as the season goes on. He’s too safe of a reciever to pass up on. CEH is also in a much better offense, and while he might not get the same workload Barkley does when he’s healthy, he should have more goal-line opportunities due to KC being able to move the ball much better.

I think you should stick with what you got and ride it out for another week or 2, and then you can revisit trades if you feel differently.

I’d do it if it was just the players, but the pick imbalance next year puts the trade in his favor.