Trade for Saquon? Need help!

Full PPR Saquon owner is 1-5 with a rough team. Any offer I can send over for Saquon?

My team

His team

Tevin Coleman and ekeler maybe? You’d need at least 2 players to get barkley. Maybe throw in josh Allen instead of ekeler (or include him with the other 2) if you highlight the easy schedule he has coming up.

If I were you, I’d try to work Jared Cook into that deal. For one, he’s not going to put up numbers like this with any regularity and two, he’s very weak at the TE position.

Take advantage of the fact that his team is struggling, keep your initial offerings in your favor. If he’s stressed out enough, he might bite on something just to get new bodies on his roster.

I’d start with something like Sony Michel and Jared Cook for Saquon. He should turn that down but you never know. Start low, then work your way up.

If you can avoid trading Coleman, that would be best. Saquon, Kamara, and Coleman, now that’s a championship team.