Trade FOR Shady McCoy? / 12 Team Standard

He Footclan, is it a bad idea to trade for shady McCoy?

i have freeman/Conner/Lynch/Powell/A Jones and Michel as my RB, and i would try to flip shady with Powell and maybe Robby Anderson?

I get it the Bills looked terrible but Shady is a good RB and maybe they look better with Allen and not against the Ravens DEF?

Any thoughts?

Bonjour Tom

that offensive line isnt stopping a nose bleed. they will not be running the ball too much with mccoy as i can see them being down quite a bit this year. hard pass for me on shady

Thanks, would you rather have Powell than Shady ROS?

probably yeah. even with the split backfield in NYJ, as great as shady is, i dont see him ever being super productive.

Nah, I don’t want any part of either of those players. Anderson got 1 target and Powell is in a time share on a rookie lead offense. No thanks. At least Shady gets all the work. Remember he was playing a top 5 defense in the league too and Allen will be the QB soon and at least he can move around. It’s only 1 week. The only thing that scares me is Shady’s schedule, LAC, MINN, GB, TENN, HOU are his next few weeks with NE, JAX, and CHI to follow. None of those are great matchups other than the Colts in there somewhere. That’s the real issue, but he has no competition for carries and will get more targets than last week.

Perhaps i will wait a round or 2 and then get shady for free…

Tranks for your help