Trade for singletary?

Is Matt Breida too much to offer for Singletary? Which one would you rather have ROS?

It’s not a necessary swap, but outside of another injury to Coleman (which admittedly is possible) I don’t think Breida has a shot at overtaking his backfield like Singletary does. It’s preference between the two

I like Singletary ROS, they will probably ease him back into action but barring another setback that backfield is his.

That’s a tough one. First, trading a running back for a running back is essentially counterintuitive. Second, they should eventually have similar production. Deven Singleterry will probably take over the backfield in Buffalo but San Francisco being the better offense and one of the run heaviest teams in the NFL. Bareida is solid. That being said I lean the Deven Singleterry side.